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Topics of Interest

"Brain Health: A Global Perspective, Subcommittee: Africa, Global Health, & Global Human Rights"

A group of respected individuals within the field of psychology, psychiatry, and neurology, came together for a Government Hearing to push for the Global Brain Health Act. This was a bill created to advocate for people with neurodevelopment/brain disorders who have a harder time reaching the resources needed to treat them. The bill created a grant that can be given to organizations that research developmental disorders or organizations that raise awareness for Alzheimers, Autism, hydrocephalus and other brain disorders. They can apply for the grant and use the resources to further their respective cause.


Doctors that are respected within their fields were invited as witnesses to this hearing to support this bill. Dr. Daniel Geschwind, a respected UCLA doctor/researcher and the cofounder of CART, was one of the three witnesses invited to speak at this hearing to promote the Brain Health Act.


The speakers in this hearing mention how there is very little advocacy for people with brain disorders and how accessing treatment earlier can help people have better outcomes. The problem is that people are usually diagnosed with disorders such as autism at later dates, and this is especially true for people of color, specifically Black and LatinX communities.


You can watch Dr. Geschwind speak during the hearing by clicking on the link below. You can also learn more about the Brain Health Act and how it is beneficial for the Autistic Community.

"Anti-Racism in Autism Research and Treatment: Discussing a Way Forward"

Watch our seminar to learn more about racial disparities within the healthcare industry and how that affects Autism diagnosis and treatment within minority groups.



Read this article to learn about the difference between mental illnesses and developmental disorders, and how to look for symptoms of mental illness in your child.

Drug and Syringe

Our team has been working hard to get information to you! Read this article to learn more about the science behind vaccines, autism, and COVID-19.

Covid 19

Read this article to learn more about COVID-19 and how to help your child through the pandemic. 

Dentist Chair

Read this article to learn about the injustices the African American community faces when getting diagnosed with ASD.


Read this article to learn more about the obstacles that the African American community faces when trying to seek medical services for their children.


Read this article to learn more about how structural racism within the healthcare industry makes it difficult for the African American community to access healthcare services. Specifically, the article dives into how the lack of access causes children to be diagnosed with ASD later than white children. 

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